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Studying at Home

Why Career Coaching?

Have you ever watched a basketball coach jump in and play during the 4th quarter? Nope. They stand from the sidelines and advise as the players are in the moment. Just like a great coach can make or break a team, life coaching can help you focus on using your strengths to do what you’ve already been trained to do with an unbiased focus on the best possible solution.


With me, your coaching will be focused on your growth and the joy that comes from meeting your personal goals.

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Meet Kandice

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I graduated from high school at 17 and went straight to college because that was my family’s expectation. In college, I filled my course schedule each semester with random classes I found interesting. I changed my major three times, but I also graduated in three years with a bachelor’s degree and a five month old baby girl.


After college, I worked as an elementary school teacher and realtor. Those jobs allowed me to combine my two passions, helping people and business. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so at 25 with a 4 year old and a 2 year old I decided to finish my master’s in business administration. Before graduation I landed a job at an ivy league institution and I finally thought I could breathe, and “I made it.” Boy, was I wrong.

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My mission is to inspire and help those who want to have a “better life” but are uncertain where to begin.

Does this story sound familiar?

I was an ambitious young woman with a graduate degree, great job, and a wonderful family.

BUT I wasn’t happy in fact, and I was depressed. Why? From a distance my life looked perfect. I had a great job with benefits and a pension. I was quickly being positioned as a matriarch in my family. I had friends and family and a booming social life. My social media was filled with pictures of my seemingly successful life. I would often hear statements like, “How do you do it? You have it all”, but my crippling low self-esteem and blinding drive to work to prove myself made me numb. I knew how to love everyone else except myself. In fact, nothing satisfied me.

Still reading?

Before I started my coaching business, I was lost and burnt out. I knew I should be happy, but I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t and It took me way too long to realize I was an entrepreneur living in an employee’s world. That was the push I desperately needed to finally take the leap to start my own business and help people learn what I learned and create their own freedom.  


Who is Kandice today? I am grateful and most importantly, I am happy. I’m also a professional consultant, life coach and mom of three humans and a labradoodle. As a coach, those are my goals for you. I want each of you to accomplish all of your dreams but most of all I want you to be grateful and happy, for real.

Young Businessman

DP, Entrepreneur

"I really appreciated being seen and heard."


NY Angel, Entrepreneur

"Kandice was genuine and seemed to care about my goals. She wasn't trying to push some prefabricated templates at me; she catered to what I needed."

Portrait of Young Woman

Gabby G, Professional

"My first session, the meeting exceeded my expectations."


Online Meeting


Individual coaching sessions are via zoom, preferably cameras on and scheduled at your convenience. Click on the price to select a session. 

Introductory Session

  • 30 minutes

Individual Coaching

  •  45 minutes


90 Minutes to Win

  • 1 session - 90 minutes or

  • 2 sessions - 45 minutes each

Empowerment Season Package

  • 12 sessions - weekly or bi-weekly

       Regularly $900


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