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Do you need a comprehensive training program?

Here's your next step.

 Let us turn your chaos into calm. #calmtochaos

Does this sound like you?

Colleagues in Meeting
  • Does your orgranization need a comprehensive training program and you're not certain where to begin?

  • Are you an IT start up who’s trying to get documentation and training off the ground?

  • Would you like to maximize use of your learning management system (LMS)?

Signing Contract
  • Does your company want to implement web based training ?

  • Are you a small business who wants to grow their business but you're struggling to document policies and proccedures?


  • Does your company need to fix an existing training program?  


If Yes, Then You're in Good Company.

Accelerate TRAINING Framework LOGO_edited.png

With our Accelerate program fast growing businesses can turn their workflows and policies into a robust training programs.

Only Accelerate Provides...

Calm to chaos

Customized Project Path

Every decision is easier to make once you've clearly identified what the project's goals you and key performance indicators of where your business should go.

More Action

You'll move the business forward faster when you know your next steps and are using a proven framework and best practices.

Increased Productivity

Once your training program is implemented using our full framework we guarantee increased KPIs 60 days following implementation.

Kandice Whitaker, MBA is a Business Consultant and CEO of Alpha and Omega Consulting Inc. Kandice has over a decade of experience in advisory and corporate training spanning top four firms, government, and higher education. 


Kandice’s goal is to empower people to live their best lives by maximizing their achievement. In her signature upbeat delivery, Kandice uses storytelling and relatable humor to engage with her audiences. Her goal is to support the audience’s connection to the content through innovative learning experiences.

Kandice is passionate about people, leadership and helping to make businesses successful. She has mentored and trained employees at all levels. Kandice has a passion for inspiring people to surpass their own expectations to unprecedented levels.

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