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Mission Statement

Founded in 2021 by Kandice Whitaker, MBA Alpha and Omega Consulting Inc’s,  mission is to empower rapidly growing businesses through an array of expert services, including Consulting, Coaching, Training and Corporate Event Planning. Rooted in our unwavering commitment to social responsibility, we strive to uplift and support underserved people.


As catalysts for positive change, we offer tailored guidance, mentorship, and training programs designed to cultivate growth, innovation, and financial empowerment within organizations. Our comprehensive suite of services aims to break down barriers, unlock potential, and facilitate the emergence of inclusive and thriving business environments.


Our commitment extends beyond traditional consulting, envisioning a world where underrepresented communities are not merely included but are integral to the success of every enterprise. Through the provision of strategic solutions and the cultivation of a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, we actively contribute to the development of resilient and socially responsible businesses.


At Alpha and Omega Consulting Inc, success is measured not only by the achievements of our clients but also by the lasting impact we make on the lives of individuals and communities. Join us on our journey to create a business landscape where diversity is not just acknowledged but actively leveraged for the betterment of all.

Our Services Include:
Change Readiness Assessment
Training and Development
Custom Change Strategy
Resistance Management
Stakeholder Engagement
Performance Metrics
Communication Planning
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