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Meet Our CEO

Kandice is a fixer with a proven track record of fixing operational chaos through policy implementation and training. Over two decades, Fortune 500 companies, a top four consulting firm, leading healthcare facilities, and government agencies have turned to her for consulting services and training development. Kandice’s journey has instilled in her a passion for helping businesses become a better version of themselves and create productive work environments.


In her signature upbeat delivery, Kandice uses storytelling and relatable humor to engage with her audiences. She aims to support the audience’s connection to the content through innovative learning experiences.


As a former teacher with over fifteen years of experience in training and instructional design, Kandice has a passion for developing training content that is engaging and pedagogically sound. As a leader, she positions Alpha and Omega to fulfill its mission to help organizations increase productivity in their businesses by building purpose-fueled content so they can thrive.


Kandice is a mompreneur, coffee snob, and city dweller who loves to travel and explore new adventures. She is passionate about meeting new people, solving problems, and inspiring people to surpass their own expectations.

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