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Laughing During a Meeting

Student Engagement


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Speeches to Engage & Empower Students

Change Happens, but then What?

This course outlines how to employ resilience to build confidence and success in life.

Get out of your Head

Success or failure all begins in your mind. This course will discuss the importance of mindset.
Strategies for future planning and how to train your thoughts to align with your goals.

Level Up

This is a workshop course where we will discuss strategies for developing a comprehensive future plan in which together we’ll outline the student’s path to success.

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Are you ready to connect and engage with your students?

As a former college professor Kandice Whitaker has a passion for inspiring the next generation to success. Kandice holds an MBA and is a Business Consultant and CEO of Alpha and Omega Consulting Inc. She has more than a decade of experience in teaching and corporate training spanning top four consulting firms, federal and state governments, and higher education industries. As a wife and mom Kandice, who has worked her way up from entry level to the c-suite, understands the value of resilience. Kandice’s goal is to empower students to live their best and fullest lives.

Kandice is a native NYer, so her direct delivery uses storytelling and relatable humor to engage with her audiences. Her goal is to support the audience’s connection to the content through innovative learning experiences. Kandice has mentored and trained employees at all levels. She has a passion for inspiring students to visualize their success and then surpass their own expectations.


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