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Meet Kandice Whitaker

I have heard American charismatic author and speaker Joyce Meyer and others say, “you live life forward and understand it looking backward”.


I remember being a twenty-five-year-old young professional with my first real job, navigating marriage, being a new homeowner and mother of two young children. At that time, I felt alone and like my life was going 90mph. I could have benefited from affirmations. At the time, I had no idea about mindfulness and only minimally about the power of thoughts and words.


In retrospect, I believe that time marked beginning of my leadership experience, albeit premature. In multiple scenarios I have always been the “go to” person. I have a lifetime of experience in leadership ability, conflict resolution and problem solving.


My goal as a career coach is to reach people who are like me, with the best intentions and trying to navigate life without much direction.


As a career coach, I hope that I would be able to help individuals like you understand their relationships and thoughtfully strategize their desired outcome.

Like a first-generation college graduate negotiating their first salary, a person trying to figure out how to manage life, the married couple who through practicum are learning about covenant, or for the friends looking to navigate through challenges.

Being connected in community is core to the human experience. Brene Brown said “Connection is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives”. As a coach, my goal is to facilitate individual and community experiences that create safe spaces for people to discover themselves and accelerate them towards intentionally living their purpose.

Ultimately, I want to inspire and help those who want to have a “better life” socially, emotionally, physically and mentally but are uncertain where to begin.

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