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Business Consulting 

  • Change Management 

  • Advisory

  • Instructional Design

Career Coaching

  • Career advice

  • Interview prep

  • Resume review

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Clients Include

Colleagues in Meeting

“Kandice was genuine and seemed to care about my goals. She wasn't trying to push some prefabricated templates at me; she catered to what I needed.”

— Dr. Martine Bruno

Signing Contract

“My first session, exceeded my expectations.”

— Gabrielle Gregoire, MPH

Increase your

Income, Impact & Influence

Kandice Whitaker, MBA is a Business Consultant and CEO of Alpha and Omega Consulting Inc. Kandice has over a decade of experience in advisory and corporate training spanning top four firms, government, and higher education. 


Kandice’s goal is to empower people to live their best lives by maximizing their achievement. In her signature upbeat delivery, Kandice uses storytelling and relatable humor to engage with her audiences. Her goal is to support the audience’s connection to the content through innovative learning experiences.

Kandice is passionate about people, leadership and helping to make businesses successful. She has mentored and trained employees at all levels. Kandice has a passion for inspiring people to surpass their own expectations to unprecedented levels.


Increase productivity by improving your corporate culture

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